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“Don’t Recommend It” was actually the first collaboration between Dark River and H.T.W.O. In fact, it was recorded prior to the group coming up with the name “Rocket Tangerine”. In this song, H.T.W.O. reminisces on some of the darker seasons in his life. Dark River’s vocals on the chorus offer a warning against going down paths like these. By the end of the track, H.T.W.O. has come to grips with the fact that, despite the wrong turns he’s made in life, God has been right there with him through every moment.


Verse 1:
Let me peel back the layers
I’ll reflect upon myself
Like the CD glare
When the sun hits the disc
Before my CD player
Now if I close my eyes and focus
I can see me there
Hey Mom and Dad
I know you took the time to raise me
But I’m teenaged bad
My attitude matches my face
And my red dew rag
Whatever you’re telling me not to do
I’ll just do that
There’s a rift
We used to be closer than most
The love runs deep
But somethin’s suffocatin my hope
I try to stay true
Now we can’t be in the same room
Every day it’s the same thing
And I hate you
I hate you!
It’s like I wanna cry
Cause I hate the fact I hate you
And I wanna know why
Now suicide…
If that can put an end to the strife
Let pity swallow me whole
And put an end to my life…

I don't recommend it.
Don't recommend it.
Don't recommend it right now.

Verse 2:
Dream or reality?
I lose consciousness
Doesn’t make a difference
I’m baskin in the ambience
Her body’s talkin to me
And it makes a thousand promises
Her whole physique is bangin
Like a beat by my pharmacist
This is harmless since…
Well wait a minute man
Gut check inside
That honestly wasn’t in the plan
If I drink, can you satisfy my soul?
If I lose a piece of me
Can you make me whole?
If I…get lost in you
Will I ever make it back?
And who can set me free
If I’ve already been entrapped?
I’ve already been, in fact
So what’s the point in turnin?
Douse my heart in gasoline
Drop matches and burn it
Thanks for the concern and
Don’t bother speakin twice
Tell my conscience “Leave the room,
And on your way out hit the lights”
This is it tonight
Free without a care
…But in the distance
Somethin whispers in the air…

I don't recommend it.
Don't recommend it.
Don't recommend it right now.

Verse 3:
The kick drum starts knockin
Beatin down my front door
Wake up concoction
Still small voice
“Time to start stoppin”
Never push too hard
Got plenty of options
Starin at the clock since…
I don’t know when
Contemplate my next move
Focus and zone in
It’s not a no-win
There’s always hope cause
He showed me hope
When I didn’t know what hope was
My flow is dope cause
I live my life dependent
I used to do my own thing
But wouldn’t recommend it
I tried to skip out
Hop on the Greyhound
Runnin from the call on my life
But gettin chased down
Life is full of choices
That’s how it breaks down
You can hold your head high
Or end up face down
When I retrace now
Every step I took
I see the presence of God
In every second look.

I don't recommend it.
Don't recommend it.
Don't recommend it right now.


from liftoff (partial album), track released September 8, 2011



all rights reserved


Rocket Tangerine Atlanta, Georgia

Hailing from the Atlanta area, Rocket Tangerine is comprised of rap lyricist H.T.W.O. and producer/”vocalist” Dark River. A common goal brought them together. Their unique sound blends elements of Electronica, R&B, Pop & Hip-Hop. Through smooth grooves, catchy melodies and heartfelt lyrics, their music will take you further from this world and to a better place. Enjoy the ride. ... more

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